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Full NameKoneko Tōjō / Koneko Toujou
Kanaしろね (Original Name)
塔城 白音とうじょう しろね (Current Name)
塔城 小猫とうじょう こねこ (Alternate Name)
RomajiShirone (Original Name)
Tōjō Shirone (Current Name)
Tōjō Koneko (Alternate Name)
OriginHigh School DxD
RaceReincarnated Devil
Former Nekomata (Nekoshou)
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorGold
BirthdayNovember 23

Personal Status

????????? – Unnamed Human Father †
Fujimai (Mother) †
Kuroka (Older Sister)
???????????? – Kuoh Academy (Second-Year High School Student), Occult Research Club, Rias, Gremory’s Peerage (Team Rias Gremory), Hyoudou Residence, D×D, Girls’ Club of Hell, Underworld, Heaven, Grigori, Heavenly Breasts
??????? – Low-Class Devil, Rook

Koneko Tojo


  • Hellcat-chan (first by Issei)
  • Cat (by Ophis)
  • Heavenly Guardian, The Queen of the White Tiger, Heaven Cat (in Azazel Quest)
  • Daineko (as a guy)
  • Lively Comrade (by a servant of Gragg Forneus
  • Lynx Mask (One-Time Wrestling Alias)
  • The White Cat


Koneko is a petite girl with white hair and gold eyes. Her body measurements are [B67-W57-H73 cm] [B26-W22-H29 in]. Koneko’s height is 138 cm weight is [31 kg]. The front of her hair has two long bangs going past her shoulders and several loose bangs hanging over her forehead, while the back has a short bob cut. She also wears a black cat-shaped hair clip on both sides of her hair, one of which contained the data on artificially making new Super Devils. She usually wears the Kuoh Academy girls’ school uniform, without the shoulder cape.


At the beginning of the series, Koneko had a calm and cold personality, which rarely showed feelings or emotions, even when he spoke. She was also the only one in the group who didn’t get along with Issei, often insulting and reproaching him for his perverse nature, although he reveals that he respects him for never giving up and considers him a hard worker. He shows the greatest concern for his teammates when they are in trouble, often lending his strength in combat. Apparently Koneko has a problem with people who call her nano (although the context of the phrase could be used to be called flat, as in bust size), as shown in his second battle against Freed Sellzen. This may result from his insecurity about his small body and the size of his torso.

Eventually Koneko was changed in her personality after Issei helped her overcome the fear of using Senjutsu and now she starts behaving like a cat, often ending her sentences with “Nya” and showing loving emotions towards Issei. His love for Issei grows so much that he begins to enter his mating season (although this was later stopped by his sister Kuroka). However, she still insults him when her perverted nature gets the better of him (at least when she isn’t headed for herself).


Born as Shirone, Koneko is a young Nekomata who is part of a rare species among her kind, called the Nekoshou. She was born between a human father and a Nekomata mother, her father was a scientist who did not acknowledge Koneko or was aware that she was his child, and merely used her for experiments. Her parents eventually died in an experiment accident. Her older sister Kuroka, however, omitted the truth and any other details about them from Koneko to protect her.

Koneko and Rias

However, Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the Four Great Satans, protected her and left her under the care of her sister Rias. Because of the trauma, she experienced her sister’s betrayal and murder of her master, she fell into a deep depression, eventually depriving her of almost all her emotions until Rias helped her. It was around that time that Rias gave Koneko his name and made Koneko his servant.


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