Gains Week 22 – Fap CEO Casual Sex Game


Clessidra Time Day Little Hearts Event

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January 20, 2021January 27, 2021

GAINS WEEK 22 – Tasha

[20-01-2021] GAINS WEEK 22

Gains Week Event is Back! Tasha needs your expert opinion on cakes! Come enjoy the frosting and lick it off of her! New rules, new prizes and new outfit, new thrills await you, but make sure your read the patch notes first to learn all about it!

Gains Week

Gains Week is a repeating event, progress will be saved between each run of the event.

Event button! (Top right)

Rewards for Level

Level 1: Roll 50 dice Amber Message “Hey, I’ve got good news!
Level 2: Roll 100 diceTasha the Rich Girl PictureTasha hirable employer
+ Tasha Message “You didn’t forget about me, did you?”
Level 3: Roll 150 diceTasha Message “I heard you’re in town!”
Level 4: Roll 250 diceTasha the Fashionista PictureTasha the Fashionista outfit
Level 5: Roll 350 diceLilly Pond background
Level 6: Roll 450 diceTasha Message “Damn, this heat is killing me!”
Level 7: Roll 550 diceTasha Message “I’ve got a plan!”
Level 8: Roll 600 diceSummertime Tasha PictureSummertime Tasha outfit
Level 9: Roll 650 diceTasha Message “Was I right, or was I right?”
Level 10: Roll 700 diceCountry Gal Tasha PictureCountry Gal Tasha outfit
Level 11: Roll 800 diceTasha Message “Up for a little contest?”
Level 12: Roll 900 diceTasha Message “I might need a favor..”
Level 13: Roll 1000 diceTasha Message “Please say yes!”
Level 14: Roll 1100 diceTasha Message “Chilly here…”
Level 15: Roll 1200 diceHoliday Tasha PictureHoliday Tasha outfit
Level 16: Roll 1300 diceTasha Message “Ugh… My head…”
Level 17: Roll 1400 diceTasha Message “I‘m getting old…”
Level 18: Roll 1500 diceOlivia, Tasha sister, as hireable employer + Olivia Message “Heya! You know me, right?”
Level 19: Roll 1600 diceOlivia Message “Sooo, do you ever get out?”
Level 20: Roll 1650 diceStrawberry Princess Olivia outfit
Level 21: Roll 1750 diceOlivia Message “Where’s the stats tab?”
Level 22: Roll 1850 diceOlivia Message “How did we end up here?”
Level 23: Roll 1950 diceTasha Message “Where are we going?”
Level 24: Roll 2000 diceHeatwave Tasha outfit
Level 25: Roll 2100 diceTasha Message Oh, you’re here!”
Level 26: Roll 2200 diceTasha Message “Is it Tuesday already?”
Level 27: Roll 2250 diceGamemaster Tasha outfit
Level 28: Roll 2350 diceOlivia Message “You haven’t seen me in forever”
Level 29: Roll 2400 diceLittle Devil Olivia Sexy GirlLittle Devil Olivia outfit
Level 30: Roll 2500 diceAlexis and Tasha group chat “Alexis, Tasha, You” with animated picture
Level 31: Roll 2550 diceLingerie Olivia outfit
Level 32: Roll 2650 diceTasha e-mail thread “How do you keep doing this?!“, plus picture
Level 33: Roll 2700 diceLingerie Tasha outfit
Level 34: Roll 2800 diceTasha e-mail thread “About cakes.“, plus picture
Level 35: Roll 2850 diceTaste Tester Tasha outfit
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