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Welcome to the Event Portal! Take a trip back in time and gain access to some of last year’s events and their content! You can use previous event items and progress to complete the events and complete your collection with rewards you might have missed!

Clessidra Time Day Little Hearts Fap CEO – Click Event


INFO EVENT: Events Portal is accessible from icon under tournament.
It is available for everyone from company level 5.

Feature released in date:May 17, 2021
Duration:Each Event lasts 7 Days

Pink Chest


  • The event box opens every 120 minutes.
  • Click on it repeatedly to open it and get
    • 2x item of the selected event
    • 2x item of the current weekly event
    • Other items or time skippers

Event Portal Window


  • Go back in time and replay some events from the past (or continue from where they were left off)!
    • New button (bottom left, activated at level 5, with a picture of Amber on it).
    • Clicking on an event thumbnail will start an event preview.
    • Events can be activated by spending rubies and will remain active for 7 of days.

Available Events

Dita’s BlowjobIntroducing RoxanneChloe’s Panties
Meet the TwinsLana in WonderlandFuck the Police


  • Event items will be granted on activation, with the event chest being available for opening every few hours, as usual.
  • finishing the event (on waiting for it to expire) will re-enable the Event Portal.
  • An event started and activated through the Event Portal will not affect any other running events.
  • The Dita Blowjob event does not keep the previous progress, but the previous items can still be used and the event features NEW outfits for Sara, Judy, Laura and Dita.
  • Always claim the tier based rewards in the active event of the Portal before leaving it.
  • All outfits available in the Portal events will be dropped from doily Outfit Shop rotation effective immediately.

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